Halloween party food ideas

Find Out How Halloween at Home Can Boo Howling Awesome!

Amy Celeste SmithOctober 14, 2020

Will it be Trick or Treat for Halloween this year?

If the idea of sending your little ghosts and goblins out to participate in door-to-door trick or treating makes you a scared mummy, that doesn’t have to put a damper on all the Halloween fun. Turn a negative into a positive and start a new tradition. Let your kids have the excitement of gathering candy into their bags or plastic pumpkins at home with a Spooktacular Halloween Scavenger Hunt! Don’t let the thought of putting this together rattle your bones- it’s easy to do with just a little thought and some easy prep!                                                              

First make a list of great places to stash candy all around your property. Watch the weather report to see if you can send them all around your yard, or if it would be better to keep it all inside- or some combination of both. When you have compiled your list of hiding places, re-order them so the kids are traveling to and fro as much as is age appropriate. Older kids will want to be running all around for some time, so make it super challenging. Younger kids need the game to be adjusted to make sure it is fun but not frustrating. If you have multiple children, you can create two different hunts if there are age differences- you are the best judge of how to structure your fun.

You will need hauntingly good scavenger hunt clue cards to play. One card to start the hunt, and one for each hiding place. Once they discover the hiding place by using the clue on the card, they will find a candy prize there, and a clue card with the next clue on it. If you like, you can have the very last hiding place be the “buried treasure”. This can be a small toy or game, a large deposit of candy, or money or a gift card. Once you have your list of hiding places and have numbered them from start to finish, write a clue for each location to lead your ghouls and goblins to it. Find printable Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt cards here! Be sure to keep your cards in the order of your list for maximum play time.

Recruit someone to distract the kids while you set up the hunt course. Set aside the first clue card to use to begin the hunt. At each hiding place on your list, stash the next clue card along with Halloween candy, treats, or small toys. Make sure there is enough for the number of ghost hunters you are entertaining. Continue until your cards are gone. Your Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt is ready to trick and treat! Be sure to keep your list handy. That way you can check hiding places after the hunt to make sure every stash is discovered so you won’t find Halloween treats sometime in the spring. Now THAT would be spooky!

To bring the excitement of traditional trick or treating to the game, let them dress up in the costume of their choice for your stay-at-home Halloween adventure. Letting them choose a costume idea that appeals to them. Designing and making the costume in the days leading up to Halloween is fun for both of you. Making something awesome themselves, or with some assistance from you, helps them develop confidence and great memories. Another fun project is turning paper sacks or reusable fabric bags into a Halloween candy bag they can take along on their Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt to trap their candy in. Clear off the table and set out crayons, markers, fabric scraps, glue, and anything else they can create with. Then turn them loose to make their own creepy-crawly spook bag.                                                                                            

While you’re at it, why not turn the evening into a true family Halloween party by decorating your porch, yard, and house to set the mood. Put on some scary music to get those bones rattling. You can find countless Halloween party ideas and Halloween party food ideas online, especially recipes for kids they can help with. There are so many recipes to create food for a Halloween party it’s scary! Some of the most creative come from the Taste of Home website. You can scare up some howling good recipes here. Instead of plain soft drinks, why not make like mad scientists and create a Halloween punch in your laboratory?                                   

An easy to make recipe for trick or treat pizza- it looks delicious and would be frighteningly fun for the ghouls and boos to help with.                                                                                                  

Or maybe go batty making a Jack-o-lantern pizza like the one on the Canola website.                                                                                                                       

Dunkin Donuts is offering Halloween DIY Dunkin’ Donut Decorating Kits this year. Each kit will feature plain yeast or Old-Fashioned cake donuts, with pre-packaged icing in orange, white, and black varieties, and three sprinkle blends, witch would be much fun for the kids!

Whatever you choose for food for a Halloween party: it should be yummy, look fun, and be made with the help of your kids. Helping plan the party will make sure they don’t turn into couch potato zombies.

I hope you put your thinking skull on and cook up a hauntingly great Halloween with a Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt and party at home for your little monsters this year! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!